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Bridging the relationship between the classroom and the community has always been a priority for me as a teacher. Below are just a number of projects I have taken on with my students to take learning to the next level.

One Positive Moment

"One Positive Moment" is an Instagram project aimed at capturing positive moments at Inner City High School through showcasing one photoa day for every school day during the 2015/16 school year. The impetus behind this project is to challenge the typical deficit narrative of what happens at an inner city high school. Inner City youth demonstrate brilliance on a daily basis and our hope is to shine a lot on what they can bring to the classroom.

Inner City High Community Garden

In partnership with Sustainable Food Edmonton, Inner City High students developed and maintained an indoor and outdoor garden that can be used throughout the entire school year. In the spring of 2014, students planted an Indigenous food forest on school grounds in an effort to build relationships with the larger community. In 2016, Inner City High's garden was featured on the ducmentary series, Sustainable Me.

Indigenous Youth Leadership Conference

Youth in Edmonton's downtown and inner city neighborhoods are some of the most inspiring, intelligent and resilient people in our city. On May 11th, 2016, student leaders from Inner City High School and Centre High came together to organise and partake in a day of learning that focused on Indigenous leadership, community building and empowering youth to create positive change.

Speakers such as Aaron Paquette, Dwayne Donald, Charlene Bearhead, Sean Lessard amongst many others provided informational and engaging sessions to help support and empower youth in Edmonton's inner city communities.

Inner City High Hockey Program

Working with another staff member, we created a year long hockey program to give high risk youth a safe space to go after school. The program is designed to teach youth team-building, conflict resolution and cooperation skills. However, we really just aim to have fun and build relationships among youth and their peers.

Inner City Youth Leadership Program