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Tackling Race and Justice in the Classroom

Yesterday, Gerald Stanley was acquitted of second-degree murder charges in the death of Colten Boushie. There are many folks on Twitter and elsewhere who are providing incredible analysis as well as sharing experiences and feelings of rage at how the Canadian justice system has failed Colten Boushie, his family and Indigenous folks in general. This case has become another example of how systemic racism is perpetuated within our institutions and within our communities. As a teacher, I'm interested in how we will take this issue up in our classrooms.

As I was scrolling through twitter last night and catching up on the news of the verdict, one of my favourite educators, Janis Irwin, tweeted this:

Teachers, your students may come to school on Monday wanting to talk and share about #ColtenBoushie. Listen. Offer a safe space. Listen some more. Difficult conversations are needed more than ever. #abed#sasked — Janis Irwin (@JanisIrwin) February 10, 2018

As teachers walk into their classro…