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Reclaiming Social Justice Education

When I first started teaching almost 10 years ago, I was afraid to talk to teachers about social justice education. I understood the climate at the time and felt that expressing my views about social justice education would prevent me from finding meaningful employment. So I kept my views to myself, tried to play the game, and subversively taught social justice issues in my classroom through my teaching practicum's and first year of teaching. However, as I became more confident in my ability and capacity to advocate for social justice education, I stopped hiding what I was doing in the classroom to share what I have learned in my struggle to be a social justice teacher.

As I look at the teaching climate in our schools today and as I attend conferences, I'm noticing more and more that teachers are embracing social justice. At first, this movement to accepting social justice education had me really excited. I would love the opportunity to have more frequent conversations with ed…