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Youth Voice

The more teachers act like authoritarians in the classroom, the less likely our students will be able to uphold our democracy.

How we treat and relate to youth in our schools is directly related to the type of society we strive for. Within the world of education, teachers often promote "student-centred" classrooms and ensuring that our practice has the best interests of students in mind. But what we fail to realize with this approach is that we often fail to truly incorporate student voice in decision making within our classrooms, schools and education system.

Too often, school is just something that happens to students. They go through the motions and learn how to jump through hoops of the structures that we have put in place. Rarely do students get to take part in actual acts of democracy by having their voices heard, considered and accessed as a valuable tool in our classrooms and schools.

Canada has a thorough history of folks from various groups and communities standing…