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A New Challenge

I haven't blogged as much this year as I have in the past. It wasn't intentional, I love writing, reflecting and sharing my thoughts with those of you who read this blog from time to time. This year just turned into one project after another with students and I wanted to solely focus on each moment and each day in the classroom.

This year was big for me in a lot of ways. I was able to work with students on our #OnePositiveMoment Instagram account, co-organize the Indigenous Youth Leadership Conference , and even piloted a few social justice classes using the outcomes from Alberta Ed's social science curriculum. On top of this, I had the privilege of working with another wonderful group of students who never ceased to amaze me with their intellect, positivity and ambition. Like every year, the large majority of my students have either been expelled, dropped out or have not attended school in quite some time. It has become routine for me to watch these students not only meet…