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A Sense of Place

The longer I teacher, the more I know that the most important part of my job is to build positive relationships with my students and to help students build those relationships with each other. My ability to connect, appreciate and love my students is more important than any rule, expectation or even the curriculum. I could be the smartest person on the planet and it wouldn't matter to my students if they felt that I didn't care about them and their well-being.

A large part of building relationships with students is letting them know who you are as a person. Students genuinely want to know about what kind of person their teacher is. From time to time I tell students different stories of my past struggles in school or how I used to "admirably" defy the hat rule when I was a student. This makes for good laughter in the class and my biggest connector to students has always been when I share about my struggles in school.

But what teaching has really done for me is to push…