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White Privilege, Teaching and Music

Have you heard Macklemore's new song yet? If you haven't, you should probably check it out. Yesterday he dropped his latest song (downloadable for free) entitled, "White Privilege II". It's the follow up to his 2005 song, "White Privilege". The song is almost nine minutes in length and has Macklemore reflecting and analyzing his white privilege within hip hop and the Black Lives Matter movement. Over the last day or so the song has received a ton of feedback, both positive and negative. Folks on both the left and right have taken their jabs at Macklemore but I can't help but listen to this song on repeat. I've probably listened to it over 20 times in the last day.

I feel compelled to write about this song because there is so much in it that, as a white-straight-man of privilege, hits me hard. Let's get one thing straight, what Macklemore is saying in this song has been said by many hip hop artists over the last 30 years. But I think this par…

This One's For Joe

Earlier today, I learned about the sudden passing of one of my teacher heroes, Joe Bower. It was utterly devastating to learn this news. It was only a few months ago that I got to meet Joe for the first time at a conference in Red Deer. We only had the opportunity to chat for about five minutes at the end of the day but we discussed the challenges of "rocking the boat" in our schools and how speaking out in public can bring you both praise and difficulties within the educational system. At the end of our conversation he invited me to grab a beer with some other educators but I had to decline as I needed to leave to Canmore. I promised him that beers will be on me next time he's in Edmonton as we said our goodbyes.

Joe was an extraordinary teacher and advocate for a more progressive education system that would benefit all students. Even though I was only able to meet Joe briefly in person once, his impact started long before then. When I first arrived on twitter a few yea…