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Progress for Stolen Sisters

Today was an historic day in Canada. After decades of neglect, the Canadian Government is finally launching an inquiry into the issue of missing and murdered Indigenous women. The announcement was not only historic in itself but also in the fact that the Minister of Indigenous and Northern Affairs made reference to the issues of colonialism, racism and sexism that are interconnected within this issue. Establishing an inquiry is not the end of the issue but really only the start of the next stage of what we must do to bring justice to the missing and murdered.

Over the last 30 plus years over 1200 Indigenous women have gone missing or been murdered with many not having any closure to their case. That means that the families who lose loved ones have had years and even decades without knowing what happened to their family member. For years, Indigenous activists have been bringing this issue to the forefront of Canadian consciousness and thanks to their hard work we now have an inquiry th…