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After six years of teaching and over ten of working with youth I've really come to realize that my favourite students to teach are the troublemakers. You know the type, they won't sit down in class, they talk back to you, they purposefully try to make you angry and just generally disrupt the entire class. I just love this student, and any student that resists schooling and teachers from the moment they walk into a classroom. Their presence in my classroom gives me a rush of excitement because I know that I have a student who will not only be a great challenge to engage in the learning process, but I have a student who has entered the classroom who already knows how to think, act and stand up for themselves. Not all students can say that. 
I've worked with all types of youth. I've worked with youth in affluent suburbs in southwestern Ontario, I've worked with working class kids in the maritimes and I'm currently working with mostly Indigenous at-promise youth in…