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Alberta Education, Elections and Activists

It's been a little while since I've had the opportunity to sit down and write a blog. Sometimes life has a way of taking you out of your normal routine to deal with more pressing issues. However, now that I have the opportunity to once again bring more of my attention to the world of Alberta Education, I'd like to get back to writing about social justice education in Alberta.

I can't lie, I did not expect the NDP party to win their historic election earlier this month. I've spent much of the last few years directing my blogging and activism against the PC government as they had a strong inability to understand the importance of social justice education or even why sustainable funding would help Alberta's students.

But now with the new NDP government and expectations at an all time high for them to follow through on their campaign promises and the hope that they can usher in a new era of progressive politics in Alberta, I'm cautiously optimistic about where …