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An Inspiring Alberta Education

Since its inception a few years back, many teachers, students and parents are curiously awaiting the roll out of Alberta Education's "Inspiring Education". On its website, the architects of "Inspiring Education" suggest that they're "changing everything" about how we teach and learn within our schools. As an educator who is anxiously awaiting and pushing for progressive change within our education system, I'm eagerly awaiting what the results of this process will be. However, as we know, the "Inspiring Education" process has not been without its controversies with corporations being included on the curriculum re-write process being at the top of the list.

If Alberta Education is to truly have an "Inspiring Education" that will transform our schools and classrooms into places of authentic learning, citizenship and critical discourse we will have to change much more than the curriculum. An "inspiring education" is i…

Alberta Education and Community Engagement

Public education in Alberta does not work for ALL students.

There are many students, both current and former, who know how to play the "game" of school. If you do what your told, respect your teachers, put your hand up to speak and excel in the mindless memorization/regurgitation of test taking that happens in many classrooms then chances are you will most likely breeze through the academic side of public schools. 
But what about those students who question the motives behind a teachers lesson plan? What happens to students who have extreme test anxiety or difficulty memorizing facts? Unfortunately, for many of these students, they often find themselves in trouble very early on in their public school careers facing a multitude of detentions, suspensions or even eventually getting expelled or drop out. And for students who don't question the motives of their teachers and schools, is the type of education that they're receiving setting them up to be the type of citizen…