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Why Social Justice Education Matters

After reading about the Isla Vista killings, which you can learn about here and here, it got me thinking about my role as a teacher and what  we can do to combat  injustice and inequality within the schools, communities and even classrooms that we occupy. The role of a teacher is complex and multi-layered but we must ensure that teachers have the ability and curriculum to have serious discussions with students about the issues they will/have/are facing in their worlds. Social Justice Education is not only learning about specific topics, but it is a framework for interacting with students, establishing classroom culture, and inviting students to become active participants in their worlds to make it a better place. If we don't engage students in this type of learning, and only prepare them for the labour market, then we are failing to engage them with the task of making the world a more just and equitable place.

In short, social justice education matters because....

1. It challenges…

A Pivotal Moment for Alberta Education

The warning signs are there, you just have to look.

1. Corporate input on Alberta's curriculum redesign

2. Corporate backed "21st Century Learning Skills" as framework for Alberta's "Inspiring Education"

3. John Manley's influence within Alberta Education.

These three aspects of "Inspiring Education" in Alberta are making me lose sight of any possible benefit that the original inspiring education plan had. It is becoming more obvious that Jeff Johnson, Alberta' Education Minister, is using Inspiring Education to push through a corporate vision of what education should be.

Today, Alberta Education released the "Task Force for Teaching Excellence" report outlining a number of recommendations that the province should move forward with in order to improve "teacher excellence". This report outlines an extremely "managerialist" approach to monitoring and deeming what an excellent teacher is.

This blatant attack on …