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A People's History of Canada?

Over the past three years I have been slowly working on collecting stories, speeches, articles and any other types of resources that tell Canada's history from a different perspective than the traditional narrative found in most classroom textbooks.

I've been able to collect a few odds and ends but would love to see a Howard Zinn type collection of resources and lesson plans based on Canadian history. It's important that we allow our students to see multiple perspectives of Canadian history to understand that it was not solely based on military engagements and the "filling up of a vacant land".

I would love to see what type of crowd-sourcing skills we have here in the teacher twitter world and to hopefully engage with some teacher folks interested in this idea. At the bottom of this blog is a link to a Google doc where you can easily add a resource to the list. On the document please provide a description of your resource as well as a link to access it (if possible). Feel free to edit category titles as I just put a few up for example to start. I will keep this document open to share with as many people as possible in order to spread the knowledge! So please spread this blog and Google doc widely!

In the style of Howard Zinn, I will be looking for the stories of people within Canada fighting for their rights and freedoms. Think of how marginalized groups were able to gain any rights that they have today. What struggle did they go through, or are currently going through, in order to achieve/fight for those rights? Basically, as Mr. Zinn would say, I want the stories of the fighters, agitators, activists, and anyone willing to fight for a greater democracy within Canada.

A People's History of Canada Suggested Topics:

Indigenous History
Race History
Gender History
LGBTQ History
Labour History
Immigration History
(Dis)ability rights
Socialism in Canada
Economic Justice
Social Justice
Environmental Justice

*Feel free to include topics that I've missed!

Google Doc Link - A People's History of Canada

A People's History of Canada Google Doc